The Consultation

The process will start off with a quick consultation over the phone, in person, or over Skype. During the consultation, the main focus will be your business. Learning about your business is the most important step, for me, as your website will reflect and sell your business.

Theme Development

Next, you will either approve a theme selection or send a mockup to be converted. Theme Selection is the simplest option. The look of a theme can always be modified. If you are going to choose to send a mockup, you will first have to hire a designer to create a mockup for you. Again, theme selection is the easier route to take.

Theme Selection

After the consultation, I will spend more time learning about your business. Once I feel I have sufficiently understood your business, I will choose a theme that best fits your business. You can trust that the theme will be professionally designed by Genesis WordPress experts. The Genesis WordPress framework offers some of the best, light weight themes for good SEO and clean code. Your website should look very similar to the theme when it is done, but any customization can be made to theme to change the look or functionality.

Mockup Conversion

I can also create a custom Genesis theme from a mockup. In order to take this step, you will first have to hire a designer to create the mockup for you.

Content Population

After you approve the theme’s design, the next step will be to populate your website with content. If you do not already have content to populate your website, I will tell you what I need (and only what I need) to populate it. Content will mainly include copy (text) and images. If you have an existing website, we can also its copy and images for your new website.


Once the content has been populated, I am open to receive any feedback you may have. After all the steps are complete, don’t forget to celebrate. It is very important to celebrate once the process is complete.

Start the workflow by taking a look at the website request form.

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