Website Development

Setting up websites (also known as web development) is my primary service.

Building a website is a lot like building a house. Domains, hosting, servers, coding, design, SEO, mobile responsiveness, security, UI, and UX are some of the things that go into building a website. As a web developer, I keep all of these things in mind when setting up a website. You also play an important role in setting up your website since the website will be all about you or your business! Hate the color green? Well, first of all, I apologize! Second, you can be certain I won’t include it on your website! Do you love a certain part of your business? I’ll be sure to include that on your website! I will be the best web developer that I can be for my clients.

Online Shops

I frequently build online shops (also known as eCommerce websites) for clients.

Every eCommerce shop is unique. I have built everything from a flower shop to a bull shop! Some require a lot of custom functionality, and others require very little. Some have hundreds of products, and some only have two! It’s my job to help you find the right type eCommerce shop for your business, and then, of course, it’s also my job to build it!

Want to learn more? See my eCommerce site: You can find two demo eCommerce sites I set up to give you a taste of what’s possible!

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Website Maintenance


I will update your WordPress plugins and themes. Keeping your WordPress plugins and themes updated stops hackers from hacking your website. If you want to add some more pop and wow to your website, you can have me use this time to do that.

Backing Up

Sometimes a website can just clunk out (most likely because of an update or conflict between plugins), or it can get hacked. When that happens, you’ll be glad you decided to have me backup your website!


These little guys can be very irritating, but I have all the right solutions to get rid of them. Keep in mind that these are not actual bugs! They are typically minor coding errors that do not affect the integrity of the entire site. They are just very irritating on the user’s end.

Don’t let your website get dusty and old! Use my website maintenance website services!


After an agreement is reached, consulting is free! However, if you just want information on what type of website you’ll need, I offer paid consultations. Now days, there are so many possibilities! The list of tools to build a website is overwhelming.

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Additional Services

Plugin Research & Implementation

After your website is set up, you may want to add some extra functionality to it. Are you looking for a special type of calendar, a booking solution, or just a fancy effect to jazz up your site? Let’s talk! Tell me what you need, and I’ll do the research. I’ve used (and learned how to use) about fifty different plugins. I can help you find out whether there is an existing solution or if you’ll need a custom solution.

Plugin Development

If you need some special functionality for your website, you will most likely need a plugin. If your need is very specific (such as an integration between an API and your website), you may need a custom plugin. Need an example? A while ago, I created a plugin that grabbed events from an external website and popped them into a calendar in the client’s website. That would be an example of a custom plugin. I’ve also used enough plugins to know whether you will need a custom solution or not.