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I made a few tutorials on JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, CSS, and hosting.

Website Services

I build WordPress websites, WordPress shops, and WordPress plugins!

David Richied

I am David Richied, the web dev behind Dust2Life LLC.

I started working on websites about two years ago. My first website was awful, but after many hundreds of hours of practice, improvements started to show. I learned about front end web development (design-oriented) and back end web development (code-oriented). The sheer amount of stuff to learn is incredible. After a year of teaching myself, I started doing projects for a small marketing company in Texas called PixelMark, and a couple months ago (almost half a year ago), I started doing full-scale (start to finish) websites for a developer in NYC.

What have I learned from being a web developer, so far? Be flexible and always be open to learning!

WooCommerce (eCommerce)

When you hear eCommerce, think of eBay. A web developer (like me) can create a website that you can use to sell products online. WooCommerce is just one of many ways to accomplish this goal of selling products online.

If you want to see what is possible with WooCommerce, check out my demo WooCommerce shops.

Demo WooCommerce Pet Store

Demo WooCommerce Shoe Store

You can set up a free consultation if you are planning to set up an eCommerce site.