My Favorite Plugins

Note: these are not affiliate links. I have just used these plugins and found they work well.

WP All Import & WooCommerce Add-on – $139

Create products by importing an Excel sheet. Indispensable.

The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe with the iCal Importer – FREE

Programmatically excellent calendar.

Smart Slider 3 – FREE

Sophisticated and simple slider. I’ve noticed a very serious downside of this plugin is that it starts freezing very badly if you add too many slides.

eventON – $25

Powerhouse calendar and events plugin

Drift – FREE

Add chat support to your website

Gravity Forms – $39/yr

Login Sidebar Widget – FREE

Create a custom login page

Search & Filter Pro – $20 (free version available)

Fantastic for WooCommerce Shops

Team Booking – $24

Great for scheduling


Manage lots of websites in one location for free. So far, I have added fifty websites to it.

Easy FancyBox – FREE

Display images in a popup instead of linking to an attachment page.

WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Editor – $23

Manage all your products in an excel-like format.

Yoast SEO – FREE

Encourages good SEO practices and provides tools to measure SEO

Visual Editor Custom Buttons – FREE

This amazing plugin lets you add new buttons to the TinyMCE editor. For example, you can add a Code button to wrap text in <code> and </code>!!!

Ace Ide – FREE

Edit your WordPress PHP files with a Sublime Text-like editor. You can also create, delete, and move files and folders.

Advanced Custom Fields PRO – $25

Separate content from code with ACF. Create modules of code that you can repeat anywhere in any order.

Contact Form 7 – FREE

This is a super flexible contact form without all the bells and whistles. It does not save submissions to the database, but it makes up for it in flexibility. Not for non-coders.

WordPress Dashboard Twitter

It’s great being able to tweet from my WordPress dashboard because I spend very little time on Twitter and a lot of time on my website. It’s also distraction free.

Popup Maker – FREE

This is a fantastic plugin. I use it most to display a popup when a user clicks on an HTML element with a certain CSS class.

Other Plugins

Gravity Forms – $40/year

Login Sidebar Widget – FREE

Create a nice login page.

Updraft Plus

WC Variations Radio Buttons – FREE

With some CSS, you can make some very nice buttons instead of having the normal dropdowns for variations.

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images – $49

This plugin is necessary if you’re going to build a WooCommerce shop like a shoe store.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – $99/year

With Table Rate Shipping, you have much more control over how much to charge for shipping, and it makes a lot of sense. I tried using the USPS and FedEx shipping plugins, but they were not very useful and very confusing. Also, they did not do what I thought they were supposed to do. They provided an estimate of how much it would cost to ship the item, but they didn’t tell you what box it would choose to get that rate. You would just have to guess.

All In One Event Calendar with Extended Views

WP Pro Advertising System