img_0509lowI got my first taste of creating websites when I was very young. I played around with HTML and CSS, but it didn’t make too much sense to me. I got into other activities and almost completely forgot about creating websites.

In April of 2015, I got back into developing websites with a vengeance. I spent hundreds of hours reading articles and taking courses on I coded a website using PHP and uploaded it to a server so that all the world could see my website. It was amazing. Looking back, it was actually really bad, but, at the time, it was amazing. Simultaneously, I created a WordPress website. Eventually, I moved the WordPress site over to a WordPress framework called Genesis and the custom PHP site to WordPress. After a couple months, I merged them and took the website off the Genesis framework. In addition to those sites, I also set up a social exercise website with BuddyPress and BBPress. I coded thousands (yes, thousands) of lines of custom code for that website, but I took it down after almost a whole year of customizations and redesigns. In addition to those websites, I also set up a few others which I also eventually shut down, but all of them were great learning experiences.

About six months ago, all that custom coding paid off, and I began working for a marketing company in Texas as their back end developer. I have learned a ton more about websites by working for Pixelmark, and I put every single thing I learned to good use. I set up E-commerce websites, built plugins from scratch, and developed websites from PSDs (Photo Shop Designs). To see some of what I’ve done, take a look at my Portfolio. I have not linked to the actual projects out of respect for Pixelmark.

Now, my website is using Genesis, once again, and every day I continue to learn more and more about developing great websites.

I hope I’ve convinced you that I can build a great website for your business! Let me know if I did or not!

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