Simple Popup Content WordPress Plugin

This was one of my own projects. Well, actually, it was spurred on by a client, but it became my own project. One day a client called me and asked me to put a pop up of a menu on the front page of his client’s website. Originally, I thought, “Yes, this should take about as long as it takes to do a search for ‘popup’ on the WordPress plugin repo,” but I was wrong, very wrong.

I can’t really remember how it all went down, but I do think a large part of it was my “fault.” I wanted the popup to have a little “Don’t show this, again” option at the bottom, but every single plugin I tried did not have that option. Well, what does a web developer do when he can’t find a prefabfricated solution? He doesn’t panic. Actually, he does the opposite. He comes alive. He enters his element.

A PHP here, a little JavaScript there, and boom, a WordPress plugin.

From what I can remember, this plugin was actually in the making for a very long period of time. It was just on the recesses of my mind, and all it took was a little request from a client and a lack of an existing solution to push it over the precipice of my subconscious into my fully-aware consciousness.

From my past days of programming, I conjured up the JavaScript that I would need and the PHP that I would need to accomplish the task. Vex modals (a jQuery plugin) played a big part in the plugin. I have used that jQuery plugin since the very beginning. That plugin was responsible for displaying the hidden content in a popup. The JavaScript also saved the user’s “Don’t show, again” choice in a delicious cookie. The PHP was responsible for adding the hidden content to the specified page. It’s very exciting thinking about it.

Well, the plugin turned out very well, and the client was also happy. It was an overall success.


  • I created plugin that lets you add content to a popup and have it popup on any page.