Two Years of Web Development Down!

Changing My Business Name Five Times

This year, my business went through a lot of changes. Particularly, my business name and website went through a lot. My business name started out as Web Page Thunder. After a couple months, I changed it to Web Page Architecture. When I got tired of that name, I renamed it to Dust2Life. That’s when I really got down to business. I set up Dust2Life LLC, a limited liability company. I also opened a bank account and got a debit card with the name Dust2Life LLC engraved on it. Super legit. Eventually, I got tired of Dust2Life too because it didn’t sound professional enough even though a lot of people like it. I decided to change it to Richied Media. A lot of people were disappointed when I changed it to Richied Media. I would have kept Richied Media, but I was too lazy to file more papers. I would’ve also had to change the name on my debit card. So, I changed the name back to Dust2Life.

Changing My Business Website Five Times

My website also went through a ton of traumatic changes. It started out as a pure PHP website, but after a couple months, I merged it with my WordPress blog. Then, I found Genesis (and dropped $350 on the developer license for all their themes), and I moved the site to a one-page Genesis WordPress theme. I got tired of that and moved it back over to my custom WordPress theme. I got tired of managing that and moved it back over to “Genesis.” Actually, I completely removed Genesis, but I kept the styles for that particular Genesis theme. Then, when I changed my name to Richied Media, I fully moved it over to a Genesis theme. When I changed my name back to Dust2Life, I began to miss the look of my completely custom WordPress theme, and I moved it back over. Now, here I am. Dust2Life LLC. Completely custom WordPress theme.

I have to say, I do not regret migrating my website a hundred times at all. Each time, my purpose for it and my understanding of web development got stronger. Now, I have a very purposeful website.

Doing Web Development and Becoming a Web Developer

The first couple months of this year weren’t very eventful, but a couple months later in July, a marketing company called Pixelmark contacted me on Upwork. PixelMark used WordPress and the Genesis framework, and I used WordPress and the Genesis framework. So, we were basically meant for each other. They started funneling web development tasks to me, and the rest is history.

I completed a lot of different projects with Pixelmark. The first project involved populating a jQuery calendar with events in JSON format from a buggy API. Thankfully, it turned out really great. It was tough, but I was happy with the end result. Pixelmark and client were also happy with the result. Another project involved setting up a WooCommerce shop. The products were already added (about 1200), but my main task was adding photos to them. After all the dust settled (and after many different PHP scripts were written), about 200 products remained. You can see all of the projects I completed for PixelMark on my Portfolio page. You can also read about a lot of them, here, on the blog. I also set up a shoe store and listings site for bulls.


This year I learned a ton about WordPress (which is a CMS), WooCommerce (an eCommerce solution), PHP, and JavaScript.

It has been an interesting year. God definitely helped me to find all of my web development work. That has been a huge blessing. It was a good second year of web development.