The Beginning: Where I Am Now

Back in April of 2015, I was looking at the Occupational Outlook Handbook on and stressing out about what career I should pick. I got to the very bottom of the list of careers, and, lo and behold, there was web development.

Now, understanding my personality better, I decided to give this occupation another try.

I looked on YouTube and found a video called WATCH THIS IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A WEB DEVELOPER. Well, I watched it, and it has been my road map for web development ever since. Since I really didn’t know what I was doing, I just decided to go with the front end of web development. Eventually, I ended up on and started the Web Design track but soon switched over to the Front-End Web Development track and completed it. I continued taking courses on TTH, mainly learning about the front end of web development and being completely oblivious about the back end. Then, I took a track on PHP and became very confused. At first, I chose front-end, but, now, I was struggling to decide whether I should continue learning front-end or start learning back-end. Regardless, I knew I didn’t want to do web design (which is different from front and back end web development). When I first started, I thought learning web development would’ve been more straight forward. It wasn’t. However, my personality tends to over-analyze, and that is where this next paragraph comes in.

Recently, I found a blogger and web developer by the name of Joshua Kemp ( He taught himself Ruby on Rails. I spent these eight months learning and understanding web development (mostly front end), but I think it would be good to follow his route and learn Ruby on Rails. I realize that this is a more back-end framework, but I am starting to lean towards the back end, anyway. Again, I am very excited to see where this will lead. I hope you’ll continue with me on this fun walk while we learn more and more about web development. 😀





Josh Kemp’s Blog