Seeing the Big Picture of Web Development

I am beginning to see the big picture of web development, and here is an incredible article on the big picture. Doing a search on “difficulty of NodeJS vs Ruby on Rails,” brought me to the article, and after reading it, I realized my question didn’t even make sense. Basically, the article expressed the importance of learning the right tool for the job. Reading it was a huge relief due to the following.

I noticed the camp where I work had a pretty nice website set up. At first, I thought the website had to have been done by a web developer. It looked pristine. Finding out who really created the website was a little discouraging: a young secretary who knows nothing about coding. I was dumbfounded. Then, the man who I thought created the website explained to me how she created it. She used a web site creator called SquareSpace. All she had to do was choose a template, add some images and text, and, bam. Done. That made me wonder what web developers are even around for. After some thinking, I came to the conclusion that a freelance web developer is basically a salesman, and salesmen have to change with the times and use the right tools. SquareSpace is simply a very convenient tool to use and would be a very valid option if the client wanted it. There is absolutely no need to try to hide it. Technology changes every day, and the right tools have to be used in the right situation. Now, I know that Ruby on Rails would not be the right solution for such a simple website as the camp’s fairly static website. I love this learning process, and I mean that in all seriousness. Keep persisting, and I’ll get there eventually! 😀