One Year of Web Development Down!

It has officially been one year since I started teaching myself web development hard core! One year and hundreds of hours learning code down! One year is a pretty long time to test drive a possible career, but, now, I can definitely say that I am pumped about doing web development professionally! Below are a couple things I learned and did this year in web development.

I started off with, YouTube (LearnCode.Academy), and tutorials on the internet. I am still doing all of that (except for TTH), but I am also reading books (JavaScript: The Good Parts) and using more advanced websites like I also gained a ton of practical experience by creating my own websites and small applications for those websites.

Speaking of which, a very significant accomplishment this year was creating a website from scratch for my web development services. The website is, and I point anyone who needs a website to it. I created it with PHP, HTML, JS, jQuery, and CSS, and I also used PostCSS to help me with the CSS.

In addition to creating my first professional website from scratch, I also completely redesigned and recoded this website ( I gave both websites a lot of new functionality with jQuery plugins like Cycle2, Cycle2 Carousel, CSS3 Animate It, and Vex (for modals). I used Cycle2 and the Carousel to create fancy, sliding text widgets, and CSS3 Animate It to give elements special effects. I tried using Cycle2 to create a slideshow for videos, but it didn’t work so I made a simple jQuery function that did. I also added an AJAX contact form on with some PHP and JavaScript that I learned a while ago.

Now, I am creating websites for individuals and businesses.

I learned a lot this past year, and I can’t wait to see what I learn this year!