Auto Shop WordPress Website


  • PHP and CSS used to create three responsive templates from PSDs (front page, tires page and tires single page). Slider and custom PHP plugin added to home page template. Custom plugin used to display different testimonial on refresh.
  • Two simple templates created from PDFs using PHP and CSS (Michelin and Goodrich).

Design to Genesis WordPress Template

The template below uses widgets and one slider plugin. I used WordPress widgets and a lot of CSS to style it. The Tire Thursday and Big Benefits widgets and the slider maintain their aspect ratio as the width of the browser window decreases.

The testimonial section is using my custom PHP WordPress plugin to grab a random testimonial post on page load/refresh (an alternative to using a slider).

The social icons bar uses a popular Genesis plugin called Simple Social Icons, and they are using custom styling.

The rest uses custom CSS and WordPress widgets.

Plugin Modification

I installed a WordPress plugin that supposedly used Google’s API to help users find the nearest store location (any type of post with an address attached to it), but it didn’t work. I found the strange bug, fixed it, and customized the PHP/JavaScript WordPress plugin to tie into the Location custom post types that we already had, instead of using the plugin’s custom post types. The purpose of the plugin was to find the nearest store for a customer. This is a common functionality for many websites, but there don’t seem to be many plugins (Store Locator plugins) out there that can do this.

It worked wonderfully. Below is a picture of how it turned out.

As you can see, the stores are pretty far away from me.


I built 4 pages for this business website: the front page, a Stores page with a BROKEN locator plugin that I fixed, and two pages for brands. I also rebuilt the header.
The front page is almost completely custom. It has a nice slider with two images beside it that have overlay text. The testimonial section displays a different testimonial on refresh. For the Stores page, I used a BROKEN plugin called Find Your Nearest. It worked great after I fixed it. I quickly built the two brands pages from scratch using HTML and CSS.