Services I Offer

Web Development

Hire me to code your website! Don't use one of those prebuilt themes! I follow SEO best practices to make Google notice your website which many prebuilt themes do not do. If you're serious about having a fast, SEO-optimized (for desktop and mobile) website, send me a message! If not, feel free to use a prebuilt theme...


If requested, besides following SEO best practices, I can also delve deeper into making your site more SEO optimized.


When you hear eCommerce, think of eBay. A web developer (like me) can create a website that you can use to sell products online. WooCommerce is one of many tools that a web developer can use to accomplish this goal of selling products online.

If you want to see what is possible with WooCommerce, check out my Demo WooCommerce Pet Store or my Demo WooCommerce Shoe Store.

You can set up a free consultation if you are planning to set up an eCommerce site.


My Experience

I have about 2.5 years of experience creating websites.

Year ONE: I taught myself the basics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and a CMS called WordPress to bring it all together.

Year TWO: I began doing front and back end web development for a marketing company in Texas called Pixelmark.
During my time with Pixelmark, I,
· created custom WordPress plugins using PHP and JavaScript
· integrated APIs into websites
· set up a few eCommerce shops
· did a few PSD to WordPress conversions.

See the list below for a few projects I worked on during that time. I do not link to any of the projects out of respect for Pixelmark.
· Calendar API WordPress Plugin
· Surf Conditions WordPress Plugin
· Auto Shop WordPress Website
· Shoe Store WooCommerce Shop
· Simple Popup Content WordPress Plugin
· Boat Parts WooCommerce Shop
· Country Codes Search & Time Zone Search WordPress Plugin

I began doing projects for an ex-freelance web developer (now, an SVP of UX at a company in NYC) and learned a lot about Stripe, AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers, and working with clients.
I started doing contract work for a small company in New Jersey as a web developer.

Visit my Portfolio page and Blog page to read about more of my projects.

My Style and Tools

I opt for a clean and simple approach which focuses on the user experience and SEO (search engine optimization).

Hosting: Digital Ocean. I love Digital Ocean. Period.
CMS: WordPress. This CMS is abused in many different ways, but I only use it for what it's supposed to be used for: a CMS (content management system).

My Location

I am located near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, but most of my work is done remotely. All of the work I have done for PixelMark and the ex-freelancer has been remote. I never met either face to face. However, if you live in Stroudsburg, Easton, or Philipsburg (New Jersey), I would love to meet up in person for a consultation.


Currently, I charge $35/hr for all my web development services.



I wrote a few tutorials on web development. Check out my Tutorials page!

Favorite Plugins

Check out my list of favorite plugins!

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